Bianca Fathauer

Owner & Designer

Bianca has been involved in the design and construction industry for over a decade. Her design career began as a sales manager and showroom director, where she developed a passion for rethinking the home and breathing new life into living spaces. She brought her artistic and creative style into practical home design concepts that inspired clients to truly enjoy the design and remodel process.

After her first child was born, she decided to take her career into her own direction and founded Splendid Home Design on the philosophy that your home is the place where your family story is written and the remodel process should be an exciting and Splendid experience. She strives to keep this mantra at the forefront for her clients and she passionately pours her heart into every one of her projects.

Bianca has had the opportunity to design and build for all kinds of clients and styles ranging from mid-century modern to eclectic beach houses and ranch-style homes, her portfolio is incredibly diverse. She loves traveling and goes out of her way to draw inspiration from the places she visits, bringing unique styles and stories from around the world to her projects.

Part of her process is building a deep connection between a client and their home, whether it’s walnut wood countertops as a reminder of a home far away or hand-painted fish scale tiles to bring them back to the sea, being able to tell a story brings a home to life and that is one of the many things that drives Bianca to continue to innovate and create a Splendid home.