Creating an Inviting Guest Bathroom

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Comfortable guests are happy guests. Nowhere is this more true than when staying in someone’s home, whether it’s for a day or a whole week. Giving your guests the use of a bright and modern bathroom throughout their stay is guaranteed to ensure guest contentment and repeat visits to your home!

Guest bathrooms often suffer from being an afterthought but they can a great way to showcase some of your creativity and personality, especially if you like to entertain or have family members coming to stay.

If your guest bathroom could do with an upgrade we have some suggestions for practical improvements to make it more inviting and relaxing.

Start With a Clean Canvas

Guest bathrooms are typically smaller than the main bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a statement. It goes without saying that a minimalist bathroom is going to make a bigger impact than one that’s full of clutter.

Before you do anything else, clear everything out of your bathroom and clean it thoroughly to give yourself a better idea of the canvas you have to work with for a redecoration or remodel. From there you can look at incorporating luxury fixtures or fittings, improving practical issues, such as lack of storage, or how you might fully reconfigure the space.

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Create Extra Storage

Lack of storage is something that many guest bathrooms suffer from. Vanities often have too few drawers, there aren’t any hooks to hang clothes, or there’s a scarcity of shelves for towels or toiletries. Before long, a guest bathroom can become untidy and a source of aggravation for your guests.

Luckily, adding extra storage can be a quick fix, if you don’t want to opt for a bathroom remodel. Additions can be as simple and affordable as buying a stand-alone cabinet or an over-the-door hook bar. You could also add a designer shower caddy or space-saver shelf over the toilet cistern.  We love floating shelves and if you’re handy, they can be cheap and easy to install.

However, if you are going down the remodeling route, consider adding a shower niche, installing more custom shelving or a customized vanity to make use of the space beneath your sink.

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Add Comfort Elements

If you want to take your guest’s comfort to the next level, think about ways you can model your guest bathroom like a 5-star hotel. Think fluffy bath towels, a plush floor mat, a soft robe and slippers to slip on after a shower—you get the idea.

A heated towel rail and underfloor heating can really amp up the comfort factor, even in the warm, South Florida weather, our clients love these luxurious features.

You may be surprised to find you can fit in a full-size bathtub or bath-shower-combo. Offering your guests a relaxing soak after a busy day of Florida sightseeing is sure to raise your hosting profile.

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Greenery and Fragrant Touches

Not only do you want your guest bathroom to look good, you also want it to smell nice too. A vase of fresh-cut flowers, scented candles or reed diffusers, can all be deployed to enhance the ambiance of a guest bathroom, and provide much needed color for an all-white color scheme. Incorporating greenery into an all-white bathroom makes it more visually attractive, and increases oxygen levels too!

Installing a new ventilation system, if you don’t have one already, will ensure that condensation and mold are kept under control, and your guest bathroom is a clean, dry and inviting space.

Speaking of oxygen, air out your bathroom by opening the windows—if you have them—before your guests arrive. Nothing makes a guest bathroom smell better than a fresh coastal breeze!

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Provide Pampering Toiletries

There’s a certain assumption that, if you forget something when you’re staying at someone’s home, then your needs will be catered for; whether it’s shampoo, body lotion, soap or toothpaste. These can all be provided in your guest bathroom.

Even if they don’t expect it, your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they don’t have to dash to the store, and even more so if items are presented attractively: think glass containers, small wicker baskets or metal display trays.

Many designer toiletry companies provide mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, so if you love a particular brand then order online in bulk so you can always accommodate visitors when they show up unexpectedly.

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Consider a Guest Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a guest bathroom can be an excellent return on investment if you’re looking to sell in the future. By adding luxury fixtures, custom storage, shiplap, or a beautiful tile combo, you can transform a dull, uninspired space to a veritable retreat.

If you want a complete reconfiguration, a professional designer can work with you on a larger remodel project to create an uplifting space—somewhere that your guests will enjoy using everyday to decompress and rejuvenate during their vacation with you.